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Adult, Community and Work Based Learning: e- learning


A number of initiatives are taking place within the next three years that will have a significant impact regarding the use, effectiveness and quality of e-learning within ACL (Adult and Community Learning) and WBL (Work-Based Learning) environments. However, there are a number of barriers facing the ACL/WBL community that need to be resolved in order to make the increased use of e-learning effective and relevant to the individual needs of the learner.

In general the issues can be divided into the following areas:

  • Physical resources – including accommodation, content, computer and other ICT related resources, connectivity and access for those people with individual needs.
  • Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) – including initial advice to ensure learners are on the correct learning programme at the right level, appropriate accreditation, advice on progress into new learning programmes, monitoring, formative/summative assessment (including the introduction of a national credit framework) and on programme support.
  • The management of adult learning – including the management of the curriculum, staff and use of management information in order to improve the quality, content and delivery.
  • The ACL/WBL funding methodology and audit processes – it has been recognised that traditional funding models based on registers, physical location, time duration and other more ‘traditional’ methods of payment do not assist the development of more flexible approaches to delivery. If learners are to experience truly flexible and open ‘any where - any time’ e-learning the funding and audit models need to be redesigned and applied in a more focused and flexible manner.
Adult, Community and Work Based Learning: e- learning
Dr William Lockitt

Dr William Lockitt

Dr Lockitt has over forty-five years’ experience in education and has written several publications highlighting the effective use of multimedia flexible and open learning. Since 2010 Dr Lockitt has been the strategic policy Director for G2G Communities CIC and in 2011 managed the implementation of the first not for profit, community focused LEGO Education Innovation Studio in the UK.