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Psychologist Dr LeGoff (USA) in 2004 developed the theory around LEGO® after he noticed that children with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) were playing with LEGO® and interacting with each other in his waiting room. Of all the toys available in the waiting room children preferred to play with LEGO® and he therefore chose this as a medium to promote and develop collaborative play. He, and other researchers, have since found that the level of social interaction in children with ASC increased when they are engaged in games and LEGO® based therapy was therefore rewarding to children with ASC.

Dr William Lockitt

Dr William Lockitt

Dr Lockitt has over forty-five years’ experience in education and has written several publications highlighting the effective use of multimedia flexible and open learning. Since 2010 Dr Lockitt has been the strategic policy Director for G2G Communities CIC and in 2011 managed the implementation of the first not for profit, community focused LEGO Education Innovation Studio in the UK.