Introduction The five papers contained in this compilation were produced during 2004 and follow curriculum developments within Post 14 education, training and community learning environments. They were produced to stimulate debate regarding the use of new technology within education and

Change Management

Introduction The introduction of technology, increasing needs of society and the growth of ‘global’ organisations trading in goods, knowledge and expertise has increased the need for, and frequency of, change. Although the majority of people are resistant to change, more

Adult, Community and Work-Based Learning

INTRODUCTION A number of initiatives are taking place within the next three years that will have a significant impact regarding the use, effectiveness and quality of e-learning within ACL (Adult and Community Learning) and WBL (Work-Based Learning) environments. However, there

Using ICT to develop the 14-19 curriculum

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to discuss the key initiatives underpinning the review of the 14-19 curriculum and the way in which ICT can be used to positively support and enhance the experience of both deliverers and learners.