Introduction Change has always been a norm of life but over the past few decades’ widespread organisational change has assumed gigantic proportions. The developments in technology, increasing needs of society, and the emergence and growth of global organisations are some

THROUGH THE GATEWAY: How Computers Can Transform Rehabilitation

Introduction The Prison Reform Trust (PRT), established in 1981, is a registered charity that works to create a just, humane and effective penal system. PRT aims to improve prison regimes and conditions, uphold human rights, address the needs of prisoners’

Learning Online: Models and Styles

Introduction It is essential that we understand how online environments and technologies can be used to support and enhance learning if we are to create effective online learning experiences for our students. This chapter examines the context and pedagogy for

Review of vocational education and training research in the UK

Introduction This guide to UK VET research has been designed for use by European researchers, who are involved in the COST Action All on Promoting flexibility, mobility and transferability as targets of VET. As COST provides networking support, but does

Change management

Introduction Change is endemic in the education sector. The pressures for change come from all sides: globalisation, changes to the funding and regulatory regime, doing more with less, improving the quality of student learning and the learning experience, and the